life orange

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Upon Once (2004-2005): electroacoustic album with samples, field recordings, analog eletronic drumset and a few synths (9 songs, 41mb)
Selected tracks: Cell Design, Odium, Trying, Library

Red Sweatpants Etc (2004-2005): very poppy and experimental (10 songs, 42.8mb)
Selected tracks: Prey, Eleven Sixteen

Digital Kids (2006): cheesyness, casios, chiptunes, dreams, insanity (20 songs, 83.9mb)
Selected tracks: New Feet, 19, Untitled 2, Untitled 4

Wooden Fences (2006): a short rural-themed album (7 songs, 32.5mb)
Selected tracks: In the Hay, Bonnell, Pancakes

Cottage (2006): a collection of intense and darker tracks (14 songs, 68.9mb)
Selected tracks: Squeeze, Age

Soundtracks (2004-2005): A collection of songs created for friend's and my own short films (23 songs, 81.1mb)
Selected tracks: Summer Wednesday, Vegetable Hunt

Early Stuff (2003-2004): early dabblings with electronic music and sampling (16 songs, 68.4mb)
Selected tracks: Hot Times, Inanimate, Whipping Boy

Other: Writing, Beauty Beheld